Thursday, 10 September 2009

What we need to watch

When Newcastle installed the 'ClimateCam' it was a great step forward to highlight electricty consumption across the City.

But the 'ClimateCam' ignores all the other CO2 emissions (like those from transport) and is not in talking about the CO2 emissions from the electricity consumption. It is a 'ClimateCam' that ignores climate!

It is time for Newcastle to catch up in the game.

Newcastle should convert the 'ElectricityCam' into a true 'ClimateCam'.

A website has been launched to keep track of atmospheric CO2 globally, check it out here. Here's a model for Newcastle to use.

The world's top climate scientists say we need to get atmospheric CO2 levels to below 350 parts per million (ppm) - as I write this atmospheric CO2 levels are almost 386 ppm. All our governments need to put investments into a transition away from fossil fuel dependency and recognise that ‘business-as-usual’ and high risk technological fixes to unsustainable economic activity are not credible.

A just transition is needed to ensure that the costs of change do not fall on vulnerable workers and communities, or that failure to change falls on future generations.

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