Monday, 22 February 2010

Code of conduct

from Michael Osborne
to Lindy Hyam
date 22 February 2010 11:12
subject Letter received last Friday

Dear Ms Hyam

Thank you for your letter received last Friday 19 February 2010 informing me of a Code of Conduct complaint lodged against me in relation to my alleged participation in a protest action.

The letter refers only to my “participation in a protest action”. If this accurately reflects the complaint, I cannot see the basis on which it could be referred to a conduct review process, since engaging in protest action is the inherent democratic right of any Australian citizen and could not – in itself – be regarded as conduct that could found a breach of the code.

I assume, therefore, that the written complaint contains more specific allegations against me, and I therefore request a copy of the complaint itself, so I can properly understand exactly what it alleges that I have done, and the specific provisions of the Code that it alleges I have thereby breached.

Once I have been provided with this essential preliminary information, I would be happy to provide a written submission in response to the specific allegations.

I would also appreciate notification of the procedure (and relevant timeline) that will be followed in the investigation of this complaint.


Councillor Michael Osborne

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