Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Vote in favour of show holiday

From The Herald...


Novocastrians will have a day off on Friday, March 18, 2011, during the Newcastle Show.

Newcastle City councillors voted 8-4 last night in favour of the holiday.

Patriotism spurred Cr Shayne Connell’s decision.

‘‘It’s un-Australian to vote against an application for show holiday,’’ he said.

Colleague Tim Crakanthorp put an economic argument.

‘‘Many millions of dollars will be lost if this does not go ahead for local people and local businesses that get involved with the show,’’ Cr Crakanthorp said.

Cr Brad Luke was among civic leaders who argued the holiday should not go ahead.

‘‘Councillors, we talk about this each year, about being out of date and archaic,’’ he said.

‘‘One of the best attended shows in the Hunter is the Maitland Show. They don’t have a holiday for it.’’

Show organisers said the holiday provided a significant boost to attendance and economic benefits for the city.

Cr Scott Sharpe said a report to the council indicated that the day off was a problem for the business community.

The business sector said the day off was confusing for employers unsure about whether they were affected, and costly for those who granted it to employees.

Cr Michael Osborne suggested last night the council have a plebiscite at the next local government election, given annual argument in the council chamber.

The council will make an application to Industrial Relations Minister Paul Lynch to proclaim show day.

The Newcastle Show is scheduled from March 18 to 20, 2011.

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