Tuesday, 20 December 2011


At Council tonight I stood up for the people of Stockton with an urgenct motion which wasn't supported...

ITEM-34 NOM 20/12/11 - ORICA
Council condemn the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for lifting the prevention notice on the Orica plant and thus allowing the plant to open pat of its factory before appropriate air monitoring stations are installed in the Newcastle suburbs around the Port.

Councillors King, Jackson and Luke expressed concerns that the motion condemned a regulatory authority.

Councillor Claydon gave notice of a foreshadowed a motion.

Following a request from the seconder of the motion, the mover agreed to withdraw the motion.

Councilor Claydon brought forward her foreshadowed motion.

Council receives a briefing from the EPA and the Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the environment on the existing environmental monitoring arrangements in the Newcastle LGA and the NSW Government's committee to "urgently establish an industry funded network of environmental monitors for communities adjacent to the heavy industrial precinct of the Lower Hunter." (Media release, Premier of NSW the Hon Barry O'Farrell MO dated 5 October 2011)

Councillor Claydon spoke to the motion.

Councillor King requested the mover change the word 'receives' to 'requests'.

The mover accepted the change to the motion.

The Lord Mayor advised Councillors that the Consultative Committee had met on four occasions and Committee meetings were open to the public. The Lord Mayor said he had spoken to the General Manager regarding the Committee briefing Council early in 2012.

The Lord Mayor put the motion to the meeting and declared the motion carried unanimously.

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