Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Container Deposit Legislation

The following Motion that I submitted was adopted unanimously by Council...




Noting that
(i) The role of a councillor is to represent the interests of the residents and ratepayers and to provide leadership and guidance to the community (Local Government Act 1993, Section 232),
(ii) Council is obliged under its Charter to exercise community leadership and to properly manage, develop, protect, restore, enhance and conserve the environment of the area for which it is responsible, in a manner that is consistent with and promotes the principles of ecologically sustainable development (Local Government Act 1993, Section 8),
(iii) Council unanimously adopted a resolution in this term (16 December 2008) acknowledging the significant environmental, economic and social benefits to ratepayers of adopting a Container Deposit Scheme in NSW and to lobby the Premier to implement such a scheme,
(iv) The Local Government Association of NSW adopted a resolution at its recent conference (23-26 October 2011) calling on the NSW Government to implement measures to avoid the creation of waste, such as legislation for Extended Producer Responsibility, in particular Container Deposit Legislation, and
(v) Council recently received a letter (see attached) from the Australian Local Government Association, Clean Up Australia and the Boomerang Alliance urging Council to make a submission to the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement on Packaging

That Newcastle Council
(i) Makes a submission to the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement on Packaging prepared by the Council of Australian Governments in support of a national Container Deposit Scheme, highlighting in particular:
a. This Council’s unanimous support for such a scheme
b. The savings that could be achieved by this Council in avoided collection, transport and recycling costs as well as other avoided costs (such as regulation, landfill and litter clean up)
(ii) Sends a copy of Council’s submission to the State Government asking that they support the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme.
(iii) Ensures that Council’s relevant contractual arrangements, including recycling contracts makes allowance for the possible introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme.
(iv) Invites Australian Local Government Association President Cr Genia McCaffery, Clean Up Australia founder and anti-waste campaigner Mr Ian Kiernan AO and Boomerang Alliance Convenor Mr Jeff Angel to speak to the Newcastle Councillors, relevant council staff and the public about how a Container Deposit Scheme would benefit our local community.

Apart from savings to Council, there are many other benefits which flow from a Container Deposit Scheme:
• an increase in the recycling rate of containers,
• the creation of jobs in manufacturing and maintaining/administering collection depots,
• money for voluntary groups and charities (by collecting and returning containers), and
• a reduction of litter in our streets and water ways.

In addition, people can make some money by keeping our environment clean.

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