Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Newcastle Green Team


MICHAEL OSBORNE [0439 442 984 or 4940 8149]
Lord Mayoral candidate and No. 1 candidate for Ward 1

A long-time Newcastle resident, Michael has been a Greens councillor since 2004 and Deputy Lord Mayor in 2005. He has brought to Council his experience as a consulting environmental engineer specialising in water management, and his local and international management experience. He was instrumental in establishing the Green Corridor, a major local climate change initiative. If re-elected, Michael pledges to continue to support a dynamic and ecologically sustainable city.

THERESE DOYLE [0434 257 892]
No. 1 candidate for Ward 2

Therese is an education policy consultant who has lived in Newcastle for the past eight years. Therese was a Greens councillor and Deputy Mayor of Concord Council (in Sydney), during the 1990s. In those capacities, she worked tirelessly to make sure residents' concerns were dealt with and that council was transparent and accountable. If elected, Therese will continue to pursue these priorities on Newcastle Council .

KEITH PARSONS [0408 446 022 or 4926-5301]
No. 1 candidate for Ward 3

A long-time Newcastle resident, Keith has been a Ward 3 Greens Councillor since 2004 and was Deputy Lord Mayor, in 2004-5. On Council, he has been effective in developing and implementing Greens initiatives on sustainable planning, preserving heritage, flood control, transport, and arts and cultural development. If re-elected Keith pledges to continue to act on such issues and other residents' concerns.

GEORGIE HUXTABLE [0408 344 548 or 4969-1312]]
No. 1 candidate for Ward 4

Georgie is a doctor who works in medical education at the University of Newcastle. A resident of Newcastle since 1985, Georgie is committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future Novocastrians. She has a particular interest in climate change and its social and health impacts. If elected, she will work for Newcastle's transition to a resilient, carbon-free, environmentally sustainable community.

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