Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Council meeting 5 May 2009

Stockton Beach Coastal Zone Management Study

Council received a report presenting the results of the Stockton Beach Coastal Zone Management Study. The Study was prepared in response to and in accordance with the NSW Coastline Management Manual, in partnership with the NSW Government and Newcastle Port Corporation.

Council resolved the following:

Council acknowledges the management options outlined at the Councillor Workshop and adopt the artificial headland with beach nourishment option (option 4) as the preferred management option for detailed design, scoping and cost.

Council write to the NSW Premier to advise the Premier of the magnitude of the remediation works required and request that the Premier establish a Task Force to identify suitable funding sources to implement the Stockton Beach Coastal Zone Management Study.

Resolved: Councillor Luke/Osborne

The experts say that Option 4 (artificial headland and beach nourishment) is the "most effective coast protection measure that reorients the beach to a stable profile". The option has an estimated capital cost of $31.2 million and an on-going maintenance cost of $50,000 per year.

Given that the construction and operating activities of the Newcastle Port have substantially contributed to erosion of Stockton Beach, the State Government, which receives the dividends from the Newcastle Port Corporation, should substantially contribute to the rectification of the problem.

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