Saturday, 24 October 2009

Millions now know that 350 ppm of CO2 is the most that we can safely have in the atmosphere

Saturday, was the 'World's most widespread day of political action', with more than 5,200 actions in 181 countries.

Millions of people now know that scientists say that 350 parts per million carbon dioxide is the most that we can safely have in the atmosphere. The Secretary General of the United Nations was given the first delivery of a bunch of photos from around the world. More than 19,000 photos, and many hours of video, were taken documenting the day's actions.

We did our bit on a farm near Barrington...

Meanwhile, back home in Newcastle...

People from around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie gathered at the Newcastle Foreshore Playground with their children for a giant play date as part of the largest global day of climate action ever.

The event was organised by a stay-at-home mother from Tighes Hill who isn’t an activist but is terrified of one day being asked by her sons, “Mum, why didn’t you do something when the world still had a chance?”

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