Thursday, 15 October 2009

Stop the Ruddy dithering

The latest science says that we should be targeting an average concentration for atmospheric CO2 of less than 350 ppm if we want to avoid dangerous climate change.

That is the amount that was in the atmosphere in 1987, a few years before the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Our current level is...

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere

In 2008, the average concentration for atmospheric CO2 (Mauna Loa Observatory) was 385.57 parts per million (ppm). Based on CO2 measurements made so far, we know that the 2009 average for atmospheric CO2 is more than 387 ppm. (The seasonally-adjusted level atmospheric CO2 was 387.65 ppm in August 2009, and 388.00 ppm in September 2009.)

And yet Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong are still happy to play cat-and-mouse games with Malcolm Turnbull.

Supporting Blog Action Day on climate change...

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