Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Council meeting 11 November 2008

The draft Element 4.1 Parking and Access in our Newcastle Development Control Plan 2005 came off public exhibition and came to Council for consideration of the public submissions and adoption of the new Element.

The Council officers' recommendation, while car parking has consistency, bicycle storage requirements were not consistent. The public submission from the Newcastle Cycleways Movement highlighted a number of inconsistencies.

I moved:

Part A
Council adopt the amended Element 4.1 Parking and Access and replace the current Element 4.1 Carparking of the Newcastle Development Control Plan (NDCP) 2005 subject to the following amendments and the inclusion of an additional Part B:

• Table 1A and Table 1B, Bicycle Storage

- references to one space per 200m2 be replaced with one space per 100m2 (to ensure consistency similar to car parking) - Class 1 to be amended to either Class 2 or 3.

- Urban Housing, in both Tables change one space per two dwellings to one space per one dwelling (to ensure each dwelling has at least one bicycle space)

• In section 4.1.3 b), Green Travel Plan, in the fist dot point, include an additional example provision of employee public transport vouchers (to expand acceptable examples of public transport promotion).

Part B
Council recognise the car parking ratio of 1 in 60m2 of GFA for all development other than residential development in the city Centre as stated in Element 4.1 and commit to review this ratio following the outcomes of the Traffic and Transport Study and CBD Taskforce outcomes.

The majority of Councillors supported the motion though Councillors Buman and Luke wished their names recorded as having voted against the resolution. They immediately put in a rescission motion.

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