Friday, 7 November 2008

Mining off our coast

Newcastle Greens
7 November 2008

The company Energie Future Pty Ltd has applied to explore for seabed coal deposits in a 6,000km² area off the NSW coast, including seabed off Newcastle.

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said: “A large offshore coal mining project would be devastating for the environment.

“If approved, exploration could come within 5km of Port Stephens.

“Marine life would suffer and whale migration routes could be disrupted by seismic testing involved in exploration.

Greens councillor Michael Osborne said: “I have a motion before Newcastle Council saying no to plans to explore for seabed coal deposits off Newcastle. This motion will be debated this Tuesday night.

“If this project is approved, the coal ships waiting off the Newcastle Coast would soon be joined by drilling platforms and offshore processing terminals. The local tourism industry would suffer.

“The Greens will run a strong local campaign in the Hunter to stop this project and protect our marine ecology”, said Mr Osborne.

What: Community protest – No coal exploration off Newcastle coast! Hands off our beaches! Don't upset whales!
When: 10:00am, Monday 10 November 2008
Who: Lee Rhiannon, Greens MP
Michael Osborne, Newcastle Greens Councillor
Sam East, The Wilderness Society
Brad Sutton, Surfriders Association
Where: Nobby’s Beach

Photo opportunity: Speakers and local residents with colourful banners and model whales.

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