Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Council meeting 2 December 2008

Apart from the rail issue, Council also dealt with an item to fix up clerical errors in the Newcastle LEP that occurred when the City Centre LEP was rushed through.

One of these was the do with local heritage listing of a number of Newcastle's buildings.

Before the gazettal of the City Centre LEP, these buildings had been through the process of investigation, public exhibition and heritage listing. Yet, somehow, these buildings were "de-listed" with the gazettal of the City Centre LEP.

Here's the list of buildings...

I moved the council officer's recommendation to fix up all the mistakes, including the heritage listing of these buildings. The following councillors supported my amendment.

For the amendment
Councillors T Crakanthorp, M Jackson, N Nelmes and M Osborne.

Against the amendment
The Lord Mayor, Councillors G Boyd, A Buman, S Claydon, B Cook, M King, B Luke and S Sharpe.

The conservatives and Labor Councillor Claydon voted that:

That the items referenced in Schedule 5 - Environmental Heritage, Clauses 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 be deleted from Council's decision and the relevant adjustments made by Council Officers. The items listed be included in the formation of the next LEP along with other submissions received at the time in consideration of that Plan.

You will notice that the Former Lyrique Theatre (now owned by GPT) and TPI House (apparently the University wants the site for expansion of it's City campus) are on the list and no longer have heritage protection.

The full list is
  • Northumberland County Council Building 20 Auckland Street
  • Commercial Building 6 Bolton Street
  • Newcastle Herald Building 28 Bolton Street
  • The Bowery 37 Bolton Street
  • Remains of AA Co. Bridge and Fence 280 Hunter Street
  • Former Lyrique Theatre 98 King Street (Wolfe Street)
  • Former Volunteer Fire Station 115 King Street
  • Central Hall 141 King Street
  • Former Wool Exchange 149 King Street
  • TPI House (Former Mackie's Warehouse) 231 King Street
  • City Arcade and Former Corporation Baths 11 Newcomen Street
  • Former Primitive Methodist Manse 29 Perkins Street
  • Union Steamship Building 31-33 Watt Street
  • The Cowrie Hole (rock platform) Off Shortland Esplanade
  • Cambridge Hotel 791 Hunter Street
  • Newcastle Synagogue 122 Tyrrell Street
  • Wickham Residence 15 Charles Street

Lynches Prawns site
At this meeting I also tried to have the Lynches Prawns site classified as community land and rezoned as open space. But this was defeated by the majority of Councillors.

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