Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Supporting our rail line

Here is the motion I moved at Council last night.

That Council:

1. affirms its support for revitalising the Newcastle CBD, and considers the future transport options for the city, including proposals from community organisations such as Save Our Rail, the Parks and Playgrounds Movement, and the Newcastle Transport for Business Development group in relation to the Newcastle rail line.

2. supports improved bus and ferry services to the CBD, beaches and the inner suburbs, and an upgraded Wickham station.

3. advocates improved connectivity between the harbour and the CBD, and improved visual appearance of the heavy rail corridor, by means of safe, strategically placed pedestrian crossings, improved bicycle infrastructure, and a landscaped rail corridor.

4. will base its support for future transport infrastructure to revitalise the CBD on the principles of ecologically sustainable development and social equity, and on the concept of Transit Oriented Development that maintains or expands the city's rail infrastructure and services.

Unfortunately, it wasn't voted on because, after the Liberal Party's motion was defeated, the next motion debated was from Cr Nelmes. Cr Nelmes' motion is shown below and was supported by all councillors.

Part A

That Newcastle City Council:

a) Affirms our commitment to the revitalisation of the city centre as a key strategic priority for this council.

b) Supports in-principle GPT's proposal to redevelop the Hunter Street Mall and acknowledges the body of work associated with this proposal.

c) Acknowledges the decisions regarding the inner city rail line are ultimately a matter for the State Government, who own and operate the infrastructure and land in question.

d) Advocates on behalf of the community and seeks State and Federal Governments to provide a viable fully integrated public transport system that considers all options to improve services, access and connectivity.

e) Believes that existing rail infrastructure should remain in place until such time as a fully costed and funded alternate plan for a viable integrated public transport system is approved for implementation.

f) Supports the retention and continuing utilisation of a dedicated transport corridor (which is currently zoned “transport corridor” by council) in the inner city and does not support the sale of any land along the existing corridor.

g) Recognises the need to provide improved access and connectivity between the foreshore and the city and will work with the State Government to provide additional pedestrian and vehicular crossings across the transport corridor as part of the plan.

h) Supports enhanced transport links to and from the city and the development of a modern transport interchange for future growth.

Part B

That Newcastle City Council makes a submission to the Newcastle CBD Taskforce requesting that the project opportunities in the discussion paper, which comply with Part A, be considered for funding.

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