Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Development Application Meeting 16 December 2008

After the proposed industrial development in Tighes Hill had been rejected and then rescinded it came back to Council for a decision.

Note for the first meeting, Councillor Buman and King declared a non-pecuniary interest and were not in the room. For the second meeting, Councillors Buman, Connell and King declared non-pecuniary interests and were not in the room. For the third meeting, Councillors Buman and Connell declared non-pecuniary interests and left the room.

Councillors Luke and Boyd moved approval with some minor changes. Then I foreshadowed the previous motion to reject the application.


The application be rejected as previously outlined.


The matter be referred to the Newcastle City Council Traffic Committee to determine how to alleviate the additional traffic flow on Elizabeth Street Tighes Hill and the impact on Tighes Hill Public School.

Councillor Osborne requested the Mover and Seconder include the following additional conditions of consent:

1 Provision of a satisfactory operational plan for day to day supervision of the site, including an acceptable on-site complaints management system providing a single point of contact for resident enquiries and complaints, and a continuous on-site site supervision presence during hours of construction, and during the hours of operation once occupation of the site commences.

To provide a viable means of addressing any future adverse residential amenity impacts from site operations and to ensure ongoing compliance with conditions of consent.

2 The layout and design of buildings at the eastern frontage of the premises visible from the site entrance being modified so that future occupation of the site would bring it into compliance with the Newcastle Development Control Plan element 7.1.4(a)(ii).

To enhance the appearance of the development in accordance with the Development Control Plan, and to improve the quality of urban design.

3 An unrestricted public access way at least three metres wide being provided along the astern edge of the site from Elizabeth Street to Throsby Creek to be subject of a public right of way which is to be registered on Title prior to the issue of an Occupation Certificate. Full details in this regard are to be incorporated into plans submitted with the construction Certificate application.

Reason: To provide public access between Elizabeth Street and Throsby Creek in the public interest.

The Mover and Seconder declined to include the additional conditions of consent.

The Motion was put to the meeting and the Lord Mayor declared the vote would be taken by division which resulted as follows:

For the Motion: The Lord Mayor, Councillors G Boyd, B Cook, M King, B Luke and S Sharpe.
Against the Motion: Councillors S Claydon, T Crakanthorp, M Jackson, N Nelmes and M Osborne.

The Lord Mayor declared the Motion carried on the result of six votes to five votes.

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