Thursday, 25 June 2009

Council Meeting 25 June 2009 Part 3

Again, I tried to get the most compassionate rating structure adopted by Council, a structure that would have ensured that would have meant that 66% of the rates of households would not see a rate rise of more than 3.5%.

See my earlier post here.

Here's what happened at the meeting.

Councillors Luke and Cook moved that Council adopt a rates structure of 50% land value (ad valorem) with a 50% base amount for the residential category. (Note the business category has an ad valorem and minimum rating structure.)

I moved an amendment, seconded by Cr Jackson, that Council adopt rates determined by the ad valorem method with a minimum rate for the residential category rates consistent with the business rating structure and farmland rating structure.

After much debate...

Following the mover's right of reply the Lord Mayor put the amendment to the meeting and Councillor Osborne called for a division which resulted as follows:

For the amendment: Councillors S Claydon, T Crakanthorp, M Jackson, N Nelmes and M Osborne.
Against the amendment: The Lord Mayor, Councillors G Boyd, A Buman, S Connell, B Cook, M King, B Luke and S Sharpe.

The amendment was declared defeated on the division of five votes to eight votes.

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