Monday, 8 September 2008

Greens vow to continue exposing donations rorts

Newcastle Greens
8 September 2008

Launching the Greens revamped donations website today,, Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has vowed to continue the Greens donations research project to expose the rorts that are plaguing NSW politics.

The Greens donations website now includes local government donations and Council donations case studies.

"One week out from the Council election we are still in the dark about who is funding the campaigns of Council election candidates," said Ms Rhiannon.

"The first round of donations disclosures since former Premier Iemma's new donations laws were passed in June 2008 has made it even harder to scrutinise Labors donations.

"Labor MPs have started funnelling donations through the party head office to erase the paper trail that leads to their electorate fundraisers.

"Labor took that idea from the NSW Liberal party who have funnelled their donations through the party head office for the past two state elections.

"Labor reduced the disclosure period to every six months, but nothing else changed.

"In the five day window from the new donations laws being passed on 25 June 2008 to the 30 June 2008 disclosure period cut off, Labor racked in $80,000 in donations alone.

"The solution does not lie tinkering with the system. Premier Rees needs to bite the bullet and ban corporate donations altogether.

"Until that time the Greens will continue to shine a light on the big corporate donors buying influence with this Labor Government," said Ms Rhiannon.

Visit the Greens revamped donations website:

  • Search for donations to the major parties
  • 2004 Local Government election donations material
  • Council donations case studies
  • Check out the Developers Map
  • Donations news, articles, research papers and campaigns

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