Tuesday, 9 September 2008

C'mon there's more than 300 cars to choose from

Last week, Newcastle Council resolved the following on the initiative of the Greens Councillors:

1. In the interests of a consistent approach to reporting Council expenses, the cost of running the Lord Mayor's official vehicle be included in the future monthly Councillors' expenses reports in the Council business papers.

2. When Council vehicles are replaced (including the Lord Mayor's official vehicle and the staff pool vehicles), 4 cylinder models are chosen in the interests of fuel economy and reduction of green house emissions. More sustainable options such as hybrid vehicles also be investigated and the vehicles be at least seven star Greenhouse rating in accordance with the Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide. (my emphasis)

The important thing here is that the Council resolution refers to the Greenhouse rating. The Green Vehicle Guide has an air pollution rating out of 10, a Greenhouse rating out of 10 and an Overall Rating, based on the sum of the air pollution and greenhouse ratings, translated to be out of 5.

Cr John Tate was reported on page 18 of today's Newcastle Herald saying that there are no cars on the market that match Council's resolution and that he would call for a report.

Is this an example of more sitting on the fence and time-wasting from Councillor Tate?

If he was serious about Climate Change he would show leadership.

Check out the Federal Government's Green Vehicle Guide referred to in the Council resolution.

There are more than 300 cars to choose from, including the Toyota Prius and other models, Mitsibishi, Ford, Holden and many others. The full list is reproduced below.

Perhaps Councillor Tate just doesn't want to give up his gas-guzzling Mayoral car.

This Saturday I'll be travelling around polling booths in my Prius and if I am elected Lord Mayor it will become the Mayoral vehicle.

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