Friday, 12 September 2008

What Michael Duffy says...

Vote Green for a Clean NSW

I'm not a great supporter of many environmental policies, but I'll be voting Green on Saturday because the party's got it right on the biggest issue in town. This state's government has been turned rotten by political donations, to the point where much that gets done seems to be driven by no more than politicians' desire to attract cash. The Coalition is just as bad as Labor. So, even though this is only a local council election, let's send the bums at state level a message by voting Green.

Max Phillips, the Greens NSW election campaign coordinator, said this week: "In the past five years NSW Labor has taken $9.9 million in donations from property developers, while the Liberals took $5.8 million. The Greens refuse donations from developers and corporations on principle.''

Lots of people agree with this principle: a Galaxy poll commissioned by the Greens found 82 per cent of respondents support a ban on donations from property developers. The Greens deserve to be rewarded for the stand they've taken on this matter over many years.

Unfortunately the rot continues...

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